Melissa’s Story

After Hurricane Irma, a group of Compassion Christians volunteered to help Melissa clear the debris in her home.
Skyler and Tory

Skyler and Tory’s Story

Skyler prayed for Tory for four years before a serious medical condition led Tory to think seriously about God.

Carlos’s Story

How do you make a big church feel small? Join a Life Group and share life with a group of friends.

Lauren’s Story

Joining a Life Group helped Lauren experience community and grow in her relationships with others.

Katie and Taylor’s Story

Baptism is just the beginning. Katie shares how she is discipling Taylor and can watch her faith grow.
Dove and Amber

Dove and Amber’s Story

Volunteering helped Dove and Amber get connected and find a family they never knew they could have.
Patti and Grady Emfinger

Patti and Grady’s Story

Patti and Grady got back together one week before their divorce would have become final.
Justin Adkinson

Justin’s Story

Getting involved in our Men's Ministry enabled Justin to finally be able to find forgiveness and forgive himself.
Kristine Bothwell's Story

Kristine’s Story

Kristine talks about losing her young daughter to cancer and how even in the worst circumstances, Jesus was good.
Beverly's Story

Beverly’s Story

Beverly's Life Group supported her through the hardest thing she had to face.
Pete's Story

Pete’s Story

Pete is an example of someone whose life was revolutionized by reading Scripture.
Hendrick's Story

Hendrick’s Story

Hendrick shares how he found a new life in Christ at our Downtown Campus.
Thunderbird Motel Story

Thunderbird Motel Story

Chip and Ramona have always had a passion for helping people in need, people who have no one to speak for them.
Odom's Story

The Odom’s Story

Dean and Brenda are passionate about packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child.
Swails Story

The Swails’s Story

A great story of a young couple from our church called to live and work in a different country for Jesus.
Chris and Twonzetta Samuel

The Samuel Family’s Story

Chris and Twonzetta learned a wealth of information through a spiritual parenting class.
Sebastian's Story

Sebastian’s Story

Sebastian and his godmother, Paula, tell us about the joy they experienced when he was adopted as a teenager.
Long Newsome Story

Longs’ and Newsomes’ Story

God calls us to choose compassion in many different ways. For Nicky, it was by giving away a kidney.
Brandon's Story

Brandon’s Story

Brandon shares how he came to own his faith and develop it into something powerful and life-changing.
Melissa's Story

Melissa’s Story

Melissa shares how she saw God working in the details of tragedy as she lost her firstborn.
Pete's Story

Pete’s Story

Pete shares how he came to faith in God and decided to be baptized.
Trent and Brandi Holloway

Trent and Brandi’s Story

Trent and Brandi adopted 2 children and then followed God's call abroad to work in an orphanage.
Mark's Story

Mark’s Story

Mark discovered how he could show compassion to others experiencing similar challenges to his.
Kathy's Story

Bill, Kathy and Judi’s Story

Bill, Kathy and Judi share how their prayers for their "One" to accept Jesus were answered.
Kerri Goodrich

Kerri’s Story

Kerri and her husband started Performance Initiatives to help at-risk youth succeed in life.
Tammy and Paulette's Story

Tammy and Paulette’s Story

Tammy chose Paulette as her "One," the person she committed to pray for during The ONE Campaign.
Jessica's Story

Jessica’s Story

Finding herself with an unplanned pregnancy, Jessica came to know Jesus through The Living Vine in Savannah.
Chris and Yavonna's Story

Chris and Yavonna’s Story

Chris and Yavonna came to church because they wanted their children to make new friends.
Malena Stone

Malena’s Story

Malena's family was challenged to share what they had with those who don't have enough.
Blitz Student Trip to CCDM

Middle School Mission Trip

Rachael, Dava and Caleb share how their mission trip experience changed their worldview.
Steve's Story

Steve’s Story

"Looking back on my life and the way I abused so many things, so many people, the difference now is huge."
Jimmy's Story

Jimmy’s Story

Jimmy DeLoach lost his daughter Abbie in the wreck that killed five Georgia Southern nursing students in 2015.
Paula's Story

Paula’s Story

"My childhood was a beautiful thing for the most part. But we had a next door neighbor who was a pedophile."
Daniel and Jillane's Story

Daniel and Jillane’s Story

Daniel and Jillane share their story about learning to manage their God-given finances in ways God blesses.
Maggie and Reid's Story

Maggie and Reid’s Story

God led Maggie and Reid to give up their adoption fund for The ONE Campaign.
Trump Family Story

The Trump Family’s Story

In July, the Trump family finalized the adoption of their five children.
Bob's Story

Bob’s Story

"He loved the unlovable and forgave the unforgivable. I found peace and forgiveness."
Sandy's Story

Sandy’s Story

"I don't think I knew the definition of the word 'faith' until I had experienced some trials."
Jovanna's Story

Jovanna’s Story

"When the hard times come, remember we have an overcomer. Nothing is too big for Him."
Matt and Danielle's Story

Matt and Danielle’s Story

"Matt's bike struck the back of an illegally parked vehicle. He suffered multiple fractures and a brain injury."
Chris's Story

Chris’s Story

"I asked God to come into my life. Suddenly every bit of anger and confusion was gone. Just in an instant."
David's Story

David’s Story

"When I hit 15 and was able to drive, I left the church. I like to say I wandered the desert for 40 years."
Dean's Story

Dean’s Story

"I spent a lot of my life in and out of different foster homes. I didn't understand why I didn't have a family."
Victoria and Kelsey's Story

Victoria and Kelsey’s Story

"I told Victoria that I would come to church with her on one condition: if she got me chocolate."
Brian and Heather Flood

Brian and Heather’s Story

Brian and Heather started an adult education program for local refugees in Savannah.
Christa's Story

Christa’s Story

"God sought me out, using the mess of my life to be a message for Him.”
Bill McGee

Bill’s Story

Showing compassion is being the hands and feet of Jesus. Bill's story shows that these actions are never forgotten.
Bruce Roseman

Bruce’s Story

Money was the most important thing in Bruce's life until he came to church and met God for himself.
Julian Childers

Julian’s Story

Julian was a lukewarm Christian whose faith was revolutionized when he attended the Pivot Men's Conference.