Spiritual Growth Classes

1 - Connecting With God 101

Biblical Foundations - Cornerstone Training

This class begins to lay the foundation for a deeper relationship with God. Emphasis is placed on specific Scriptures and biblical examples to discover the four principles of spiritual growth and how to use them to grow closer to God and better discern His will for our lives.


2 - Intentional Spiritual Growth

Intentional Spiritual Growth

This class provides an in-depth look at how to grow spiritually. It informs the student how to evaluate his/her present state of spiritual maturity, identifies barriers to spiritual growth, motivates the student to achieve the next step in his/her spiritual growth journey, and teaches the student to create a plan to achieve his/her spiritual goals.


3 - Evangelism Bible Style

Cornerstone training Evangelism

This class provides the scriptural foundation for evangelism. Emphasis is placed on specific Scriptures and biblical examples to simplify how we can “give an answer for the hope that lies within us.” This will help non-believers understand exactly how New Testament Christians responded to the Good News and came to have a saving faith in Jesus.


4 - Loving God's Way

Loving God's Way - Care Ministry training - Cornerstone

This class looks at the two ways to live our lives. One way is to rely upon our own intelligence, strength and judgment and be determined to do what comes naturally. The other is to trust God and treat people the way He wants us to treat them. If we love others God’s way, life will be much better, and our relationships will be much healthier!


5 - Building Trust

A critical factor in healthy relationships is trust. If a person does not trust others, or is not trustworthy, he/she can never go deeper than talking about shopping, sports, weather, and other “surface” topics.  This class helps us understand how trust can enrich our relationships with both God and others in our lives.


6 - Caring Deeply

One way to build a healthy relationship quickly is to be available when someone else is struggling. How we can help people through the tough times in their lives? When someone is hurting, how can we be there for them? What do we say, and what do we not say? This kind of compassion is essential for a healthy relationship.


7 - Serving Victoriously

Serving Christ is not just a part of our spiritual growth, but it is also a part of living an abundant life. When we go through difficult situations, if we are not careful, they can affect our ability to serve. When we grasp God’s amazing power, love, and grace, then we can still serve him joyfully and victoriously no matter what we are experiencing.

 Note sheet

8 - Serving Where You've Been Called

What does God want me to do? Where does God want me to serve? It’s really not that complicated. This class is designed to help you find your God-given path to serving Jesus and His Kingdom effectively and with joy and passion.