Regathering Details

Regathering: September 23rd + 27th

Compassion Family, it’s time to regather! There is something different about the Body of Christ when we gather together in-person, and although online services are a good place to start, they are a bad place to get stuck.

As we gather together, we must remember that we are still in the middle of a pandemic, and because of that, services will look different than usual. For specific information, and for frequently asked questions, please see the sections below.

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For a list of campus-specific events, and for in-person regathering times, please see our Upcoming Events, and follow your campus-specific Facebook groups by clicking on the links below.

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Adult Services: What to Expect

Service Times

  • In order to sanitize our buildings properly in between services, service times will be reduced to 60 minutes, instead of 75 minutes.


  • To keep everyone safe, we are asking you to please wear a mask.

Social Distancing

  • To maintain the health of others a priority, we ask that you socially distance yourself by six feet with other guests.

Contactless Entry

  • To have a low-touch environment within our campuses, doors will be held open, or propped open, whenever possible.


  • Communion will not be served in trays, as a safeguard for cleanliness. Instead, communion will be pre-packaged on tables in the lobby, and we invite you to please grab communion on your way inside to have for services.


  • We will be closing off every other row in all worship centers. Groups of people will be asked to have two empty seats between each group.

Food and Drinks

  • We will not be providing coffee or food due to health regulations, and we highly advise you to not bring any drinks or food into the worship center.

Kids Programming: What to Expect

Kids Check-In

  • For the first few weeks, we will offer a low-touch check-in process for parents who prefer this method. Volunteers will be available to touch any check-in screens to put in your family’s information. If any forms need to be filled out, pens will be single-use, or wiped down after each use.


  • Out of consideration for others, every child 5 years old and up, including staff and volunteers, will be asked to wear masks in order to attend programming.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

  • To reduce the number of people in each space, we are encouraging only one parent to accompany children during drop off and pick up.


  • Bathroom counters and door handles will be wiped down between services, and signs will be placed on mirrors to remind kids to wash their hands. In addition, all toys will be sanitized, or changed out between services.

Programming Approach

  • Kids will have their hands sanitized when entering and exiting the drop zone, and small group rooms. We will also be mindful of having low-touch activities in large and small groups to reduce the spread of germs.

Snacks and Communion

  • No food of any kind will be provided by CCC, and water fountains will be shut off; please make sure children eat and drink beforehand. As for communion, kids will experience a time of remembrance, but will not receive bread and juice until it is safe to serve food again.

Compassion Students: An Update on Programming

In this coming season, we have developed a new rhythm of ministry that will support that longevity we long to see in the faith of Students’ lives. Most student gatherings will be held on Sunday nights, leaving a space for students to receive relevant teaching, and a time to share in worship without the distraction of after-school activities, and other mid-week interests.

To see our video update on Students’ programming, click here. For gathering times, visit our Students page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

As we gather together in-person as a church-family, we understand you may have some questions. Below, we have laid out some FAQs in the hopes that all your questions will be answered.

Am I required to wear a mask?
Out of consideration for others, we are asking that everyone please wear a mask.

Is there a limit to how many people are allowed into the building?
At this time, we do not have any capacity limitations set in place, or a reservation system set in place, however, to abide by state regulations, we are implementing seating protocols which will reduce the number of seats available. We are closing off every other row to encourage social distancing, and groups of people will be asked to maintain two open seats between them and other guests.

Will you still be streaming services online?
Yes, services will continue to be streamed online through our ChurchOnline platform, and on YouTube Live.

Will communion be served?
Communion will not be served in trays, but will be available as a pre-packaged option to grab from the tables in the lobby, to then take into the worship center.

Are you doing temperature checks?
At this time, we are not doing temperature checks.

What if I have been exposed to someone positive for COVID-19? Or what if I have symptoms?
Per recommendation of the CDC, we ask that you please self-isolate at home, and worship with us through online services if you have tested positive, have been in direct contact with someone who has COVID-19, or if you believe you are experiencing any related symptoms.

Will my kids have to wear a mask for programming?
Anyone over the age of 5 will be asked to wear a mask out of consideration for others.