You Asked For It

We all have questions about faith, things we don’t quite understand, things we’re curious about. When others believe with certainty … we’d like to ask “Why?”

Which brings up another issue:  Is it even okay to question God? Is it okay to ask hard questions at church?

Yes, every question is a good question here! Join us as we bring clarity to the questions YOU submitted in this series: “You asked for it!”

You Asked For It | April 23 - May 10, 2017
Can I Trust the Bible? Cam Huxford
Apr. 23, 2017
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What does the Bible say about suicide? Will people who commit suicide go to heaven? In this message, Cam addresses some of the hardest questions that you asked, including whether or not we can really trust what the Bible says.

Good Questions, Good Answers Marcus Johnson
Apr. 30, 2017
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A thousand dissertations have been written about every difficult verse in the Bible. Intelligent, thoughtful, reasonable people have been followers of Jesus for the last two thousand years. You can trust that when it comes to questions about faith and God, good questions have good answers.

Selected Scriptures John-Mark Romans
May. 7, 2017
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John-Mark addresses two questions:

  1. How can I keep from committing the same sin over and over again?
  2. Will God really send people to hell who haven’t heard of Jesus?