Love Handles

Our relationships are core to who we are. Yet, most are imperfect and could be stronger. Just like staying in shape, though, great relationships don’t just happen. We all have to learn how to love through the good, the bad and everything in between. Find out how to get a handle on great relationships.

Love Handles | May. 14 - Jun. 21, 2017
Parenting Panel Cam and Sarah Huxford, Ricky and Diane Temple
May. 14, 2017
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Even the best parents can learn new things about parenting. This panel discussion led by Harrison Huxford explores how single moms can be spiritual leaders, what to do when your kids refuse to listen, how to create boundaries for your children and healthy ways to provide discipline.

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Finding the Love of Your Life Cam Huxford
May. 21, 2017
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The quality of our relationships is what makes our lives either really great or really tough. And the most important human relationship we have is with our spouse. So what are some of the qualities we need to look for in a potential spouse?

The Secret of Successful Relationships Jeff Walling
May. 28, 2017
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Getting a Handle on Relational Challenges Cam Huxford
Jun. 4, 2017
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We all have expectations of our relationships, especially from our spouse. But when reality hits and our expectations are not met, how can we move forward and continue to build healthy relationships despite the challenges? This message gives some great pointers!

Emergency Measures Cam Huxford
Jun. 11, 2017
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In 1 Corinthians 7, Paul deals with three issues that can make or break a marriage: sexual intimacy, the cost of divorce and being married to a non-believing spouse. Cam’s message addresses all three areas.

Marriage Hacks Cam Huxford
Jun. 18, 2017
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There are some shortcuts to having a great marriage. If you get a handle on them, you’ll probably have one of those long, strong marriages that you and everyone in your family will thank God for!