How to Do What You Just Can’t Do

Ever faced an obstacle you just couldn’t overcome? A habit you couldn’t break? Something so outrageously hard it couldn’t be done?

Did you feel defeated? Discouraged? Hopeless? Maybe you’re TRYING to do something that can only be done by TRAINING!

Good news. There is a way to do tomorrow what you cannot do today.

How to Do What You Just Can’t Do | March 12 - April 6, 2017
Life-Changing Prayer Cam Huxford
Mar. 13, 2017
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You may have tried prayer, but have you ever been trained to pray? Find practical steps for praying life-changing prayers.

The Mentoring Power of Scripture Cam Huxford
Mar. 19, 2017
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Reading, memorizing and reflecting on Scripture provides information, formation and transformation. We can be mentored by some of the wisest people who have ever lived when we memorize a leadership line that we learn from them in the Bible.

Life-Altering Encouragement Dave Allgire
Mar. 26, 2017
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The X factor to life change is encouragement from other people. It changes the course of people’s lives. Encouragement redirects, renews, energizes and sustains.

As believers, we are called to encourage others. So how do we cultivate a life of encouragement?

The Life-Changing Power of Community Cam Huxford
Apr. 2, 2017
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You can’t develop life changing friendships without meeting together and sharing. Great connections exist because those people have invested in each other and share together.