The Bible is the greatest collection of stories in the world. They tell the good, bad and the ugly about the lives of some of the most famous people who ever lived. Join us as we explore what makes some of the most epic stories in the Bible still relevant to your life today.

Epic | Jun. 25 - Aug. 9, 2017
The Exodus Jay Jones
Jun. 25, 2017
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In the story of the exodus, God rescues the people of Israel from Egypt. But He does more than just move them geographically. He leads them through a process that brings them fully back to Him, restoring and transforming them from Egyptian slaves into the chosen people of God. And as we look at that story and learn what God does for the Israelites, we can also learn more about what God does in our lives, too.

Jacob Wrestles God Marcus Johnson
Jul. 2, 2017
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It’s normal to struggle in our faith and to wrestle with big questions. Many Christians think that one day we just outgrow the fight, but even committed followers of Jesus can be challenged by the struggles of life. Through Jacob’s story, we learn how to come to God with our doubts and fears and find out that He is enough.

Naaman Grant Roszkowiak
Jul. 9, 2017
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If Naaman could have cured himself, he wouldn’t have needed God. And the same is true of us. If we could save ourselves, we wouldn’t need God. But we can’t, and we do.

In the Days When the Judges Garrett Huxford
Jul. 16, 2017
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God works with some people, and he works in others. How can we position ourselves to be the kind of people that God will work in?

When You Then God Rusty George
Jul. 23, 2017
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When you do X, then you get Y. When you build on the rock, then God helps you have an unshakeable life.

Jonah Ken Philbeck
Jul. 30, 2017
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There is a point in all our lives when we outwardly or inwardly run from God. When we resist His will to do something or not to do something. When we run from God, we always run to something else. God disciplines us to win us back, not to pay us back.

The Call of Isaiah and the Holiness of God Cam Huxford
Aug. 6, 2017
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Isaiah knew a lot about God, but he needed to get to a new place in his relationship with God. The same is often true for us. Find out how you, like Isaiah, can develop and grow your relationship with God.