Compassion Christian Kids
Newborn - Grade 5

We offer nursery, preschool and elementary programming at all service times except the 7 p.m. service at our Downtown Campus.

Nursery Programming

Our nursery is a fun place where babies and toddlers play and learn about their Heavenly Father. Children enjoy playing games, listening to Bible stories, singing songs and doing age-appropriate activities.

Preschool and Elementary Programming

Children in preschool through grade 5 learn about Jesus in large group teaching sessions, share and solidify what they have learned in small groups, and worship with fun songs. They have the opportunity to give an offering, and those who have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior take communion.

Secure Check-In

We use a secure check-in system. When you drop off your child, both you and your child will get a sticker with matching numbers. To pick up your child, you’ll present your sticker. If your child needs you during the service, the pager number on your sticker will display on the screen in the Worship Center.


New Families

Completed registration forms are required for participation in Children’s programming. Check-in opens 15 minutes before the start of each service, except at Henderson Campus where it opens 30 minutes before each service. To expedite your check-in experience, bring a completed Compassion Christian Kids Registration Form to the Children’s Welcome Desk. We look forward to meeting you!


Programming is led by our highly-trained staff and volunteers, all of whom have passed background checks and have completed our volunteer application process. To join our volunteer team, complete the application form. You can receive this form from any of our children’s check-in desks on our campuses.

Partnering with Parents

Parents are a child’s most important spiritual leaders, so we help you teach your child about Jesus at home, too. We offer classes and resources that explain how you can guide your child’s faith throughout the week.

Special Needs

We have dedicated volunteers and different programming options available to help children and students with special needs connect with Jesus in a personal way. Click here for more information.


We are thrilled when your child accepts Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and wants to be baptized. We want to ensure your child fully understands the commitment they are making, so if you believe your child is ready to be baptized, set up an appointment with a children’s pastor.

Parent/Child Dedications

Parent/child dedication services take place twice each year at each location. They give parents the opportunity to publicly dedicate their children to God, committing to raise them in ways that honor Him. The church agrees to support each family in this endeavor.

Parents wishing to dedicate their child are required to have been baptized by immersion, married to each other and not living with someone they are not married to, and participate in a preparation class. We normally dedicate children aged 2 and under, however we will also dedicate children who are older in unique circumstances.

If you have any questions about these requirements or would like to talk about dedicating an older child, please contact the children’s pastor at your campus or email