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When Danny and Danielle were engaged, they decided to put some financial guidelines in place for their marriage. Although Danielle wasn’t enthusiastic about Financial Peace University at the beginning, she and Danny soon realized that once they were managing their money according to a plan, they had a lot more financial freedom than before.

Danny and Danielle FPU Story freedom better marriage debt free


Eric and Liza both brought credit card debt into their marriage. Money remained a cause of stress and tension for over 30 years. Now, they are passionate about getting out of debt and modeling financial wisdom for their children.

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When Don and Joy signed up to take Financial Peace University, they had no idea how much fun it could be! They had been married for nearly 50 years, and although they had always been careful with money, they had never used a budget. Now they are able to direct where their money goes and be generous in ways they hadn’t thought possible.

Don and Joy FPU Story


David and Tara were living paycheck to paycheck, spending more than they were making and not knowing where their money was going. Financial Peace University helped them direct where their money was going. They say it was also one of the best marriage counseling classes they had taken and enabled them to have greater trust in God and His provision.

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Bryan and Sylvia didn’t think they needed Financial Peace University because they weren’t in debt, but by the second class they realized that to have peace about their finances they needed to implement the biblical principles Dave Ramsey teaches. And it made all the difference.

Bryan and Sylvia's FPU Story


As a college student, Sadie learned about the wisdom of living with less so she can have more later. The principles she learned through Financial Peace University enabled her to attend an Ivy League school debt free.

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Worrying about money used to be a daily occurance for Ashley and Clayton. Through Financial Peace University they were able to learn how to budget, save and plan for the future. They are able to enjoy life so much more!

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