Babysitting Reimbursement Program

Life happens best in community. We highly value your spiritual growth and want everyone to be able to participate in a Discipleship Group.

We understand, however, that the expense of babysitting can be a deterrent to young families participating in a Discipleship Group. For that reason, the church will reimburse parents at a predetermined rate for their babysitting expenses.

Reimbursement Application

To apply for the Babysitting Reimbursement Program, please fill out the form below. Once completed, please return to Pat Davis at

Download Application
*Please note this program may end at any time based upon available funds.


Reimbursement Request Form

Once your babysitting reimbursement application has been approved, please submit this form to Pat Davis to be reimbursed for the Discipleship Group gatherings that you attend. One form must be filled out per event.

Download Request
*Please note reimbursement requests must be submitted within 30 days of the event.


Additional Resources

ACH Authorization Letter and Form

Babysitting Reimbursement Approval Process