Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups are where we grow together. They are the best thing about Compassion Christian Church.

Whether you are brand new to church, or you have been a Christian for many years. We all need a small gathering of friends to share the Christ-Centered life.

No matter where you are in life: married, single, parent, young adult, empty-nester – there’s a discipleship group for you. Because GROUPS make life better!

Start a discipleship group by gathering just a few friends. Drop by Connecting Point for more details.

Why Groups?

In the midst of chaos and unrest, it’s important to remember that finding Jesus isn’t something we have to do alone. Join us in this 5-week series as we learn to seek Jesus in the midst of community, such as in our discipleship groups.

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Better Normal

The Covid-19 crisis has brought many unknowns our way, and in the midst of these times, we can find ourselves not knowing how to navigate back into a sense of normalcy. Join us in a 5-week series as we encourage one another and learn to keep our eyes on Jesus through it all.

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RightNow Media

RightNow Media has become a favorite for kids, students and Discipleship Groups at Compassion Christian Church. This online library of more than 8,000 videos is filled with great resources.

We provide our church with free, unlimited access to this material; available anytime, anywhere. Enjoy!

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